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we are a non profit faith based corporation .We promote eastern metaphysical values for universal welfare ,altruism and philanthropy. yoga - is not merely navel gazing or standing on your head Tantra is not only about sex Agama is not vodoo or black magic ... it requires an indepth study of mysticism and spirituality to know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hymns to Bhairav By Abhonav gupta

BHAIRAVA STUTIH stuti is considered as the last hymn of maheswarabhinava gupt .this has more of his emotional rapport with his favorite deity than a discursive element . This is one of the rare admixture of intense devotion and monistic vindication simultaneously .

The illustrious author tells his lord as to how by through unison with him he has become one with the universal phenomena .
He challenges antak the personification of death .dont you try to scare me with your wrathful eyes since I am in tune with furious shaktis of terrific Bhairav by docile servitude of the lord .
The poet says that all his nescience of darkness has been dispelled and he is not frightened any more . Since the sun of truth and righteous ness has risen he has sought completion in the all pervasive principle .


lord bhairav the resort of hapless beings !you pervade
Moving and stable entities
You are consciousness without a second infinite and beginning less. I facilitate you. Within my heart by merging my mind with you . The lord is the ultimate entity of
The wrath of annihilation .although he manifests in eight furious forms pertaining to ,lust,wrath,greed,delusion,vanity,malice,vice and virtue his wrath ful aspect is the most
Popular one . Bhairav is best depicted by his super egotist notion AHAM .according to the tantric tradition this AHAM is a subjective pronoun meaning me or myself .This also contains all Sanskrit alphabet from A to Ham abbreviated in it . Shakti like brahmi etc are the presiding deities of each one of the eight groups of letters arranged in the order of stress used in their pronunciation . Matrikas or little mothers as some
western thinker has erroneously translated are in fact the quants of conveying knowledge or meaning .since they themselves remain discreet as they convey knowledge , the suffix kin pertaining to latency or unknown derives the word Matrika .they are like photons which illumine everything else but themselves .only initiated aspirants are aware of this phenomena of alphabetic manifestation of the universal phenomena .
by your prowess of redemption I can experience everything as pervaded by you
Since you are my very self , I am also the universal self by the virtue of your omnipresence .
Despite the famous aphorism panchkrityah panchkrityah parameswarah maheswarabhinavgupta maintains in his paratrisika that the main function is anugraha
Rest four are merely conducive to the fifth one . Redemption in the glossary if tantrikism is being another shiva or comparable to shiva . Back in the eighties I met one pundit of exclusive erudition at tulmul .a s a novice in this lore and a votary of shankarite monism I interjected that this notion of completion in the shaiva doctrine is tainted with a fallacy called ardh jaratiya .half of the cow is young and half is old .how can two conflicting notions of singularity and plurality coexist within the same domain .Eli rudrah na dwitiyaya tasthu h .
There is one rudra and cannot stand another one .
This plurality from the stand point of skal,pralakal,vignana kal,mantra,mantramaheshwara stages of the proportions of objective and subjective awareness. From the view point of anuttara shiva there is only self effulgent awareness and no trace of any adhva conditioning .
Bhairav's rava or sound of fury namely AHAM .this on downing upon an aspirant leads him across the swamp of identification with a small conditioned portion of his innate spiritual magnanimity .

Realization through refining expression.


We felicitate you the latent unmanifest mode of vak .you are fair and brilliant like snow,jasmine ,and autumn full moon .you adorn yourself with a garland of kabamba buds that reaches your feet .

Fair color has been associated with sarswati or the goddess of learning specially the goddess of speech .
Ancient sanskritists maintained the theory of divine origin of word . And propounded that expression in the form of alphabet or matrikas which are the quantas for the conveyance of knowledge -have their origin in the consciousness .

These qantas of knowledge are are referred to as matrikas which has been erroneously translated as the little mothers .no other system of interlingual interpretation has done injustice to the lineage of ancient traditional scholasticism as the word to word translation based on modern lexicography . Most of the ancient languages are etymologically oriented in this context the word matrika is derived from a suffix kin before the root matri the subjective experienced or just the mother .this suffix denotes latency or the quality of being discreet or unknown .
This is analogous to photons or light in general . Modern physicists know that light in itself has no luminosity it can illuminate only objects that come in contact with it but not itself . Alphabet specially Sanskrit alphabet convey knowledge in the form of syllables words sentences and passages so forth and so on .but themselves remain discreet . These are semiotically depicted as a pearl string in the beak of sharada 's swan or the garland of kadamba buds hanging from vak devis neck and reaching her feet .

Matrikas DISCREET DEIties
All alphabet are abbreviated in one syllable AHAm .this is also a pronoun that means the self or a subjective notion of the soul .
As we have mentioned above the matrika and for that matter the agency of expression in general is latent and illuminate only the meaning.
.An eminent grammarian has admitted that "word" like any lustrous entity has an innate power of subjective as well objective luminosity .it illuminate itself as well as the meaning to which it is related . This however is consistent only in the case of word meaning relationship according to the theory of Pada sphota* . Out of the seven types of sphotas . The theory of varna sphota predates bharrihari
Syllables are words said upavarsacharya . The significance of alphabetic precision can be well imagined during the rims of meager literacy a ,lack of means of writing let alone printing and publication. most of the instruments of knowledge were memory and cognitive faculties .I read some where that when the Britishers first came to india they were astonished to find pundits who had memorized dozens of books . Each syllable was significant
Tandya Brahman says
Aekakshara vai vak .

Speech is monosyllabic .this mustn't be confused with the singsong theory of the origin of word in modern linguistics.this refers to the innate and spontaneously resonating word of god .presumably this dictum was adapted by exponents of the Sikh religion as ek Omkar . There is no second Omkar preceding or following it since it is eternal either one must end or begin and thus lose it's notion of eternity .
.as human life became more sophisticated and less stoic .

The mystery of kadamba bud garland

Sphuratta bad or the doctrine of spontaneous manifestation has an arcane tradition and it's own analogy .the mode of universal phenomena in this doctrine ,unlike monism is real. Albeit there is an alternative justification of temporal assumption of the reality mostly to explain the phenomena of creation maintenance and dissolution .these cannot be explained by refuting the reality of the phenomena straight away . Tantrum argument for asserting the reality of the phenomena is from the viewpoint of prapanchavachhinna chaitanya or the consciousness as interlaced in the ontological categorization of the objective phenomena . Almighty shivas imagery cannot be virtual his conceptualization of the universal phenomena actually materializes in the form of 36 elementary constituents of objectivity .this is two fold in the form of word and meaning . These thirty six alphabet and their corresponding elements are semiotically denoted as the garland of kadamba buds called koraka in Sanskrit .there is heresy about these buss that they spring forth simultaneously and instantaneously . Like a walnut brought out from the pocket says khemendra the illustrious cmrntaypr on the spanda karika. In fact nothing is created as such in the doctrine of sphiratta only the preexistent phenomena is unfolded .the process being akin to the closing and opening of the eye is often referred to as unmeelanam colloquially though .

Thoughts on Pratyabhijna . 3

Thoughts on Pratyabhijna

A wholistic world view cannot be the perspective of a pfragmented and conditioned ideology.this great contortion caused by meum andjmh tuem has been limiting human reason and preventing it to outgrow the domain of conventional knowledge . A man of spiritual enlightenment needs no discursive testimony of evidence .From the stand point of his intuitive insight an enlightened being perceives the metaphysical utility of all schools of thoughts .No matter how much they conflict they can always be configured and patterned to conduce to the ultimate objective I.e.without impeding the course of conventional mode of life .This is the secret behind the concept GUT symmetry .the concept of cosmic reconciliation of grand unified theory .with unalloyed subjective awareness as the substratum I.e an ideal or intellectual substratum , there is no theory no concept or ideology that cannot be interrelated . Whatever lies within the domain of objectivity is nurtured and authenticated by the conscious substratum . From an Individualistic it is next to impossible .each doctrine with all those complicated ontologies, glossaries and a specific trail of reasoning is a cul de sac in itself .which is why the totalitarian Xeno centric perspective
impractical and epistemologically inconsistent especially in a contemporary parlance .the very reason behind their individual development is the phenomena of assertion and rejection, thesis and antitheses arguments and counter arguments . There is an ancient sankrit axiom
Gautamah Yadi sarvajnah
Kanadah nastiti ka prama .
if goutam is omniscient what is the proof that kanada is not

A blatant adherence to a specific creed or cult has only set up myriad trails of conflicts and indolent presupposition.thishas not only marred the spirit of aspiring for the ultimate truth but has also stagnated the flow of spontaneous metaphysical dynamism . This s because there is hardly any spiritual and intellectual synergy left for subliminal pursuits after most of it is pent up in the advancement of their version of religion and knowledge by as it were fighting and winning their scholastic rivals .

A man of spiritual enlightenment needs no discursive testimony of evidence.
This speaks for the universality of this perspective since discursive disputed are the inevitable produces of metaphysical commitment based more on scholasticism than intuitive insight .this Anomalous proportion has always lead to either conflicting hoards of religious institution or isolated hermetic cloisters where one lives dead to world but awake in the light of spiritual truth . Tao.from the stand point of his intuitive insight an enlightened being perceives the metaphysical utility of all schools of thoughts .no matter how much they conflict they can always be configured and patterned to conduce to the ultimate objective I.e.without impeding the course of conventional mode of life .

Thee are five types of non believers In Hinduism skeptics obscurantists,determinists lokayatic charvak and barhaspatyas it is interesting to learn that these are not just deviant and indolant rivals of their sixtheistic counterpart .they have or let us say had once upon a time a hard and fast discursive tradition of not only refuting the theist but of depicting rationally there own stand point
At times more scholastically than even the theist. Shri aorobindo emphasized on going back to atheism and then pursue metaphysical truth rather than follow blindly an erroneous or aberrant faith .it takes more learning said Sartre to be an atheist than to be a believer . A believer only brings in faith and is rarely ever responsive to his spiritual commitment a non -believer on the other hand makes an optimum usage of his cognitive faculties to establish his raisin de être which solely depends on a system of reasoning unaided by any such value as faith,belief, devotion or obseqous docility .

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YTA yog tantra and agama

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yoga tantra & agama

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1 tapa-
penance is the spiritual discipline undertaken for personal refinement ,collective progress, and also for accomplishing cetain specific end.
is intense study of tantrik revelations called agama, psalmodysing and Japa of mool mantram and various auxilary mantras which are well integrated according to personal inclination and collective out put .
3 Ishwar pranidhanam
is the discreet method of accumulating emotional impetus for unswerving faith in the lineage of preceptors , god almighty and the supreme self .All aspirants ,with pure spiritual ambition to learn practise and propagate our cult are cordially invited .
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